Avenir in its definition is: future. The work which we do today, takes from yesterday to ensure tomorrow. Avenir is a circular, purpose driven fashion brand based in Berlin.
Founded by Sophie Claussen in 2020 upon the value of uncompromising commitment to conscious design and production. With ecological and social consequences at the core of our work, Avenir is dedicated to constructing from pre-existing materials within honest working conditions.
Clothing is a powerful form of self-expression, both privately and publicly. As a brand dedicated to facilitating personal expression, Avenir designs items that empower individuals to communicate effectively. Avenir provides power dressing solutions to the environmentally and style conscious individuals. Creating garments which convey shared values of quality design, environmental consciousness and an appreciation for fashion.
Our core strength lies in circular production, emphasizing upcycling and waste reduction in our designs. Avenir embraces a Circular Business Model, prioritizing environmental restoration and social responsibility through circular supply chains, resource reduction, and innovation. Avenir offers a dual line approach, with our 'Blue Line' offering unique, made-to-order upcycled garments, celebrating individuality and slow design. Simultaneously, the 'Red Line' provides accessible eco-conscious ready-to-wear options.
Through Avenir, clothing transforms into a means of personal expression and impactful communication.
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