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Upcycling is the most sustainable way of producing fashion. On AVENIR you'll find exclusive pieces of high fashion made on demand: to minimise waste and environmental impact we only produce as many items as are sold. This only applies to made to order products.


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Browse and buy your favorite products. Campaigns of new products start every 4 weeks, only 2 weeks to buy them. Every piece is (re) created by hand by our team of talented tailors in Berlin.

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We produce when campaign ends.

We start making the items when the campaign ends, this helps us make sure we’re only producing what’s needed and will be used. Nothing wasted. Check in descriptions to see exact lead times!


We ship it directly to you.

Keep your eyes on the post, as soon as we’re done with production we’ll ship your item direct to you. We'll let you know, in no time you'll have it.

I've placed an order. What next?

You just bought from Avenir, do you want to know what happens until you get your order?

1. Order confirmation:
Done! Once you make your order, you'll get a confirmation email. We'll keep registering orders until the campaign ends.

2. Production at our ateliers:
Once a campaign ends production starts at our ateliers. Because everything is done nearshore, production is very fast. We'll let you know as soon as your order has been handmade.

3. Shipping preparation:
When production is finished, we start preparing all the orders. We'll let you know one once your order is ready to be shipped.

4. Delivery:
You'll get a tracking link via email to track your delivery, in no time you'll have it with you.

Good things take time.

Goodbye fast fashion! As everything is handmade-to-order, delivery times are according to the complexity. You find the exact delivery time in the product descriptions.

“We see ourselves as part of a fashion revolution that helps textiles to extend longevity and enables people to actively participate in the creation of circularity.”


- Sophie and Niklas , founders and designers of AVENIR -

Want to know more?

If you have any questions about our sustainable history feel free to ask.