‘SWEAT’ F/W 24/25 is presented by Avenir as a direct response to the ongoing consequences of global warming. 

SWEAT (noun): the suffocating warmth that clings to your skin. 


SWEAT by Avenir ventures into the future of fashion, exploring the impacts of global warming and addressing evolving needs at the intersection of style and climate consciousness. Avenir, a Berlin-based circular fashion brand founded by Sophie Claussen in 2020, embodies an unwavering commitment to conscious design, earning Sophie the Bunte New Faces Young Fashion Designer award for 2022 and showcasing at Berlin Fashion Week for Spring/Summer ‘23 and ‘24.

Embracing slow fashion and utilizing pre-existing textiles, Avenir's Autumn/Winter 2024 collection showcases their profound material knowledge, expert tailoring, and upcycling techniques. The collection features distinctive construction methods and innovative designs, including reworked denim bomber jackets, textured knitwear, and bespoke coats.

Highlighting eye-catching material manipulations like boroboro techniques and heat-damaged denim, the collection creates a visual impact in both dynamic silhouettes and storytelling. Layering, adopting the "Zwiebellagen Look," serves not only as a stylistic element but also as a communicative device, symbolizing adaptability to changing seasons. The collection unfolds as a narrative journey from discomfort to confidence, conveying an urgent message about environmental distress and the imperative for action.

Avenir's vision for the show extends to an immersive environment that is visually engaging and narratively powerful. Studio Lilo's striking set design, constructed with discarded flowers from local florists, aligns with both the artist's and Avenir's environmental commitments. These shared values guided the production from the conceptual stage.

SWEAT attracted 250 attendees, including local fashion figures, business professionals, style influencers, and members of the press, making a significant impact in the fashion and climate-conscious communities.

For lookbook & styling requests please email contact@avenirberlin.de 
Production by Mia Wittenhaus. Sound by Julian Vance & Liam Vance. Casting by Hien Le. PR by Kiki Albrecht. Styling by Josepha Rodriguez. Set Design by Studio Lilo.